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Author: Alfredo Casuso

On Friday, June 28 “Suit Up” For Good

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On Friday, June 28 “Suit Up” For Good!

Macy’s and the Union Square Alliance 
Presents the Third Annual “Suit Up” Fashion Show and Makeover featuring 14 young men and women from the Bayview Neighborhood.

20 June 2024 — San Francisco, CA: Call it fashion forward paying it forward. On Friday, June 28, the annual “SuitUp!” fashion show and training program provides 14 young men and women from San Francisco’s Bayview with personalized outfits selected by Macy’s stylist team to better prepare them for the work-a-day world. Alongside advice and mentoring, the program focuses on building self-esteem and life skills for professional development. Sponsored by Macy’s in collaboration with Black Men Enhanced, Operation Genesis, the SF Police Department, the SF District Attorney’s Office, and the Union Square Foundation, SuitUp culminates with a fashion show(June 28, 3pm – 4:30pm, 6th Floor of Macy’s at 251 Geary Street) where participants model their new outfits, followed by a celebratory luncheon at The Historic John’s Grill.

“These young people are truly inspirational, and their dedication to their goals inspires us all,” said Marisa Rodriguez, CEO of Union Square Alliance. “Having worked for many years in the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, I know how important initiatives like ‘SuitUp’ are to breaking the cycle of violenceI want young people of our city to experience Union Square as a place for them to celebrate life’s greatest moments. This program defines a smart and compassionate partnership between business, law enforcement, and the community. I applaud all of the organizations involved with a special thank you to Macy’s.” 

The inaugural 2022 cohort of Suit Up!, which included young African American men from Bayview’s Alice Griffith Community, participated in a year-long mentorship program focused on empowering and supporting young men during a crucial age. Last year, the second cohort of fifteen young African American women, aged 13-20 from SF’s Ladies in Powerprogram, participated in a six-week intensive program focusing on self-esteem and confidence building, addressing unrealistic beauty standards and social media pressures. This year’s group of young men comes from Operation Genesis. The women’s contingent is drawn from interns and others working in the District Attorney’s Office.

Upon completion of this year’s program, the young people will have the opportunity to meet with a Macy’s stylist and purchase their first work suit and accessories courtesy of Macy’s. They will also participate in the Macy’s Runway Show on June 28, showcasing their new suits and celebrating their growth and transformation. 

The idea for “SuitUp” came in 2021 through Robert Newt, a Supervisor at the Street Violence Intervention Program. Determined to see the young people he works with succeed, Newt started a mentoring program with a year-long curriculum focused on self-esteem and positive transformations. 

“My vision for this mentoring program was to collaborate with community partners and teach young people about the power of self-esteem,” said Newt. “I strongly believe that if we can get these young people to love themselves and see how powerful they are, we can help set them up to be strong leaders in our communities.” 

The San Francisco Street Violence Intervention Program is an outreach and crisis response program hosted in the Department of Public Health. Created in 2013 to reduce and intervene in youth-related street violence for the City and County of San Francisco. The “SuitUp” pilot project has gained enthusiastic support from its community partners, including the SFPD and District Attorney’s Office.

“Congratulations to the young people participating in Suit Up,” said San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.  “They are exceptional young people with bright futures ahead who have demonstrated their commitment to improving themselves and our community.” 

“We are so proud to support 15 young people in this third year of the program,” said San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott.  “The ‘Suit Up’ initiative is about helping young people build confidence to learn to help themselves and their communities.” 

For more information on this Violence Intervention Program, please contact Chief Tiffany Sutton, SFDA’s Chief of Collaborative Justice, at

About the Union Square Alliance: 
The Union Square Alliance serves members and creates a high-quality visitor experience by managing and activating public spaces, attracting new investment, and advocating for the District’s future success. Union Square is the vibrant heart of San Francisco and an international destination where visitors enjoy exceptional retail experiences, luxury hotels, world-class cultural institutions, and excellent public spaces found only in the City by the Bay. A lively 27-block community surrounding Union Square Park in the heart of San Francisco makes up the Union Square Alliance. It is bordered to the north by Bush Street, to the east by Kearny Street, to the south by Market Street, and on west Taylor Street. For more information on the Alliance, go to  

Legendary Transgender Ladies of AsiaSF to Shine in Special Pride Month Performance at Feinstein’s at the Nikko

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Legendary Transgender Ladies of AsiaSF to Shine in Special Pride Month Performance at Feinstein’s at the Nikko

Ronnie Reddick Presents “I’m Every Woman” AsiaSF 2.0
Friday, June 28: 6pm and 9pm shows

20 June 2024 – San Francisco, CA: You can’t keep a good woman down – or off the runway.  In a dazzling tribute to Pride Month, the beloved Ladies of AsiaSFwill make a spectacular return with “I’m Every Woman” a dazzling new cabaret show at the intimate and chic Feinstein’s at the Hotel Nikko (222 Mason Street, San Francisco) on Friday, June 28, with two shows: 6pm and 9pm. These special pop-up performances promise an unforgettable evening of glamour, talent, and celebration, marking a new chapter for AsiaSF following the closure of their iconic San Francisco location in April of this year. Featured performers for “I’m Every Woman” are Gia BanksBlair BonierJahnell Chanel, Kataluna EnriqueFatima HalafihiTita IdaJackie JuarezEpiphany KaliNaomi MooreMelissa PrimeDomanique Shappelleand Shanelle VanityTickets are available online at

“Don’t call it a comeback because we never left,” said Ronnie Reddick, longtime Show Director and Choreographer at AsiaSF. “This pop-up event allows us to continue our tradition of celebrating diversity and love in the heart of San Francisco, especially during such a significant time as Pride Month. I want the ‘I’m Every Woman’ cabaret experience to leave the audience with an emotional connection and wanting more,” said Reddick. “It’s more than just entertainment, it’s a moment to remember.”

Larry Hashbarger, Co-Founder of AsiaSF, added, “The spirit of AsiaSF has always been about inclusivity, celebration, and excellence in entertainment. These performances at Feinstein’s provides a new stage to share the magic of our incredible performers, even though our original home has closed its doors.”

These pop-up performances, created and curated by Reddick, will feature a blend of the one and only Ladies of AsiaSF from San Francisco and Palm Springs.  This brings together the best of both worlds in a reimagined experience. Expect an evening filled with show-stopping numbers, extraordinary costumes, and the signature charisma that has made AsiaSF a cultural icon.

Feinstein’s, located inside the famous Nikko Hotel, known for its intimate setting and stellar acoustics, offers the perfect venue for this spectacular event. Situated in the heart of San Francisco, the location provides an elegant backdrop for a night of unparalleled entertainment.

The closure of AsiaSF’s brick-and-mortar venue earlier this year has left audiences craving for more. This special initial event embodies the resilience and creativity that AsiaSF is known for, ensuring that the legendary Ladies of AsiaSF continue to enchant audiences.

Aaron Nelson, AsiaSF’s President & COO, says,“Both our new and returning guests will be thrilled to hear we have much planned for the future.  There’s only one AsiaSF – wait till you see what’s coming next!”

Under the continued direction of Show Director and Choreographer, Ronnie Reddick, just as at the original iconic venue, guests at Feinstein’s will delightin choreographed dance routines and lip sync numbers with beautiful costumes, state of the art sound and lights, which electrified a generation of celebrants onAsiaSF’s dramatic runway stage. “I’m Every Woman” at Feinstein’s will be featuring original celebrity favorite costume creations by Julian Mendez Coutureand Prime Kreations of Los Angeles who havedesigned for Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner and Megan Thee Stallion.

Voted “One of the Top 100 Hottest Restaurants in America” and “Best Ambiance” by OpentableDinersduring its 26 year run, AsiaSF hosted well over 1 million patrons since it opened its doors in 1998. 

“One of our missions of AsiaSF has always been to create a trans-positive environment that educates and raises awareness about living your truth and being your authentic self,” Hashbarger says, “this is just the beginning of more to come. It makes me very proud to see this vision continue.” 

Bill Miller Chronicles Onassis’ Yacht “Christina”

Bill Miller Chronicles Onassis’ Yacht “Christina”

(image from Wikipedia)

May 2024 Issue: World Ship Society’s Port of New York Branch Newsletter

The Luxurious “Christina” by Bill Miller

In a book published in 1996, Winston Churchill’s last private secretary recalled some of the British prime minister’s final travels. In particular, he recounted an evening onboard the celebrated yacht CHRISTINA. It was a summer’s night in the late 1950s and that grand vessel was moored off Monte Carlo. Sitting around the aft, canvas-tented deck were Churchill himself, Maria Callas, Greta Garbo, the Duke & Duchess of Windsor and the ship’s owner and host, tanker billionaire Aristotle Onassis. Festively, the 300-foot-long yacht was strung with lights. Its funnel was illuminated. White- jacketed stewards served Champagne and caviar. Over the years, other guest lists included the likes of kings and queens, Eastern sheiks, Eva Peron, Elizabeth Taylor, and Frank Sinatra. Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco held their Monte Carlo wedding reception onboard in 1956.

After Onassis died in 1976, the CHRISTINA was laid-up. Later, it was sold to the Greek Government for a token one dollar and renamed ARGO. It was intended that the famed ship might be used as a government yacht, hosting officials, and spreading Greek commerce and culture. Instead, it was unused, neglected and was just about forgotten. Myself, I saw her in Perama Bay, near Piraeus, in the winter of 1979. The once immaculate craft was all but lost (and noticeably listing) among such out-of-work liners as the OLYMPIA, ELLINIS, and the former AUSTRALIS. It was eventually sold off, however, in 1998 and lavishly refitted (for $50 million in a shipyard in Croatia) as a luxury yacht for the high-end charter market. Reaffirming its rich history, the yacht was renamed CRISTINA O. It later made some charter cruises, carrying as few as two dozen passengers for fancy, high-end tour operators and even made a “guest appearance” (with Prince Charles and Diana on their Mediterranean honeymoon) in the TV series The Crown.

Initially, the 1,850-ton vessel had been extravagantly rebuilt at a Hamburg shipyard in the mid Fifties. At the same dockyard, Onassis was then building some of the largest oil tankers of the day. The yacht had been a Canadian frigate, built in 1943, and which Onassis later bought at auction. He had it gutted and made it over as his mini-floating palace. Onassis did, however, decide to keep the old, original steam reciprocating engines because they were so quiet, but resulting in an operating speed of only 12 knots. Never the smoothest-riding vessel, she was “absolutely awful,” according to one officer, when pushed to 16 or even 18 knots, and, evidently, Onassis sometimes suddenly decided to hurry home. Once, so it was said, and with Churchill as well as Garbo onboard, the yacht all but capsized in a fierce storm off Capri. Later, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reportedly so enjoyed the CHRISTINA that she overlooked its shortcomings. She and Ari honeymooned onboard in 1968.

There were eight guest cabins onboard, each named and fitted with priceless paintings and added touches such as solid gold water taps. Although splendidly furnished, the cabins were reportedly a bit compressed. Since it had been a warship and therefore slim in beam, space aboard was quite narrow. For example, the clothes hangers could not be hung squarely in the closets. But these were minor faults when compared to the utter luxury of the vessel. The swimming pool floor, for example, was a mosaic of acrobats and a bull done in mock lapis lazuli, which was copied from the Knossos Palace on Crete. The bottom of the pool could be hydraulically raised at night to create a dance floor and could be surrounded by lighted jets of spraying water. The nearby bar had stools made from whale bones. A twin-engined Piaggio amphibian craft was cradled at the stern and could be lowered into the seas by a small crane. This plane, often described as a “high-spirited pony”, was used to ferry the more adventurous of Onassis’s guests and to fetch mail and daily newspapers. It later crashed while taking off from Athens airport, killing young Alexander Onassis, Ari’s son and principle heir.

With Sir Winston and Lady Churchill onboard, Onassis brought the CHRISTINA to New York in April 1961. There was a ceremonious welcome with escorting tugs and a spraying fireboat. Even so, Onassis reportedly was less than pleased with the state of the Manhattan piers and so had the yacht moored in mid-Hudson, anchored off West 79th Street. He and his two important guests landed by launch. Afterward, the CHRISTINA was moved to Cunard’s Pier 92, at West 52nd Street, and remained there for several days.

On Wednesday, June 19 Frameline and Another Planet EntertainmentCelebrate Juneteenth

media contact:  DP&A, Inc. / David Perry / (415) 676-7007/

Wednesday, June 19 Frameline and Another Planet Entertainment
Celebrate Juneteenth with Kickoff to Castro Theatre
Neon Blade Re-Lighting and Block Party Marking
Opening of 48th San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival (Frameline48)

12 June 2024 San Francisco, CA: Curtain up and light the lights – and let them be neon in rainbow hues. Hosted by the arts nonprofit Frameline, ( the San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival (Frameline48) kicks off its 48th edition with a first-of-its-kind outdoor special event and film screening in front of its “Forever Home,” San Francisco’s Castro Theatre (429 Castro Street at Market). On Wednesday, June 19 beginning at 7pm, Frameline48’s Juneteenth Opening Night Film and Block Party will coincide with the official re-lighting of the Castro Theatre’s iconic neon blade sign and marquee, as part of Another Planet Entertainment’s restoration and renovation efforts ( / The event is free and open to the public. Attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs.

Headlined by D’Arcy Drollinger of Oasis Arts, San Francisco’s Drag Laureate, the evening will be filled with live performances, music, and film. Frameline48’s first-ever Juneteenth Block Party will feature dynamic drag performances from Reparations, including Drag Queen of the Year Pageant winner Nicki JizzAfrika America, and Mudd the Two Spirit; live music by the San Francisco Pride Band and DJ Die Wies; and a special screening of Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero shown on big screens outside the Castro Theatre. Following the live pre-show, the film screening will begin at 8:20pm

“Frameline48’s Juneteenth Opening Night Film and Block Party, and the film festival as a whole, is intended to be a celebration of all our intersecting identities — and the unique ways of being queer in the world.  Kicking-off the festival by honoring Blackness and queerness on Juneteenth reinforces Frameline’s mission of putting the LGBTQ+ community’s essential stories front and center,” said Allegra Madsen, Executive Director of Frameline. “The Castro Theatre is the long-time home of the festival, so we are thrilled by Another Planet Entertainment’s choice to bring the official relighting of the Castro Theatre’s neon blade sign to Frameline48’s Juneteenth celebration.”

“The Castro Theatre is Frameline’s ‘Forever Home,’ and we are proud to partner with Frameline in this significant celebration,” said Gregg Perloff, CEO of Another Planet Entertainment. “The Castro Theatre is a beacon of cultural and historical importance, and we are dedicated to its preservation and enhancement. The re-lighting of the neon blade sign is a testament to our collective efforts to honor and revitalize this iconic landmark, literally a symbol of welcome to the LGBTQ+ community recognized internationally.  We look forward to the completion of the Castro Theatre restoration, renovation and revitalization and once again featuring Frameline offerings inside on the big screen.”

Juneteenth Block Party Event Sponsors:
Gilead, Bank of America, Waymo, Comcast, BMO, Genentech, Hilton Hotels of San Francisco Union Square, Pact.Studio,
and Another Planet Entertainment.

Juneteenth Block Party Community Partners:
Black Film Connect, Castro Community Benefit District, Castro Country Club, Castro Merchants Association, Jonathan Carver Moore, Museum of the African Diaspora, NCLR, The Office of Mayor London N. Breed, Reparations, SF AIDS Foundation, SF LGBT Community Center,
and Youth Speaks.

About Frameline:
Frameline’s mission is to change the world through the power of queer cinema. As the world’s largest LGBTQ+ film festival, Frameline connects filmmakers and audiences in the celebration of diverse queer stories. Founded in 1977, Frameline is dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ media arts and promoting visibility and understanding through film.

About Castro Theatre:
The Castro Theatre, a San Francisco historical landmark, has been a cornerstone of the city’s cultural landscape since its opening in 1922. Known for its Spanish Colonial Baroque architecture and grand interiors, the theatre has long been a venue for film screenings, festivals, and performances, and a sacred space for the LGBTQ+ community recognized around the world.

About Another Planet Entertainment:
Another Planet Entertainment is an independent, San Francisco-based promoter of concerts, festivals, and events. Dedicated to preserving and enhancing the city’s cultural heritage, APE is committed to delivering memorable experiences and supporting the vibrant communities of the Bay Area.

Note to Editors: High-resolution images and interviews with event organizers and sponsors are available upon request.

Union Square Alliance, in Partnership with the City of San Francisco Unveils New Design Proposal for a Reimagined Powell Street

media contact:
DP&A, Inc., David Perry / (415) 676-7007 / 

Union Square Alliance, in Partnership with the City of San Francisco Unveils New Design Proposal for a Reimagined Powell Street

Powell Street, gateway to Union Square and home of San Francisco’s iconic cable cars, has a stunning new streetscape design under a proposal by the design team behind New York’s Highline.

Additional images can be found here

Image Credit: Field Operations, courtesy of Union Square Alliance

10 June 2024, SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Today, the Union Square Alliance, in partnership with the City of San Francisco unveiled a new design proposal and robust vision for Powell Street that would allow it to retain its status as the pre-eminent gateway to Union Square, Downtown and all of San Francisco.

In 2023, Mayor Breed and Board of Supervisors President Peskin announced $4 million in funding for the Powell Street Improvement Project. The City asked the Union Square Alliance to lead the initial design phases of the project. The Alliance is proud to announce that this phase has been completed on time and on budget with more than $3.5 million remaining.

The design, led by San Francisco-based firms Field Operations and SITELAB Urban Studio, reimagines a three-block stretch of Powell Street with practical and aesthetic upgrades to welcome residents and visitors, offer a more enjoyable transit experience and spur economic development in the area. The proposal celebrates and centers the iconic cable cars as well as Powell’s beautiful historic architecture. 

On Wednesday, June 12 from 4pm to 7pm (brief remarks at 5pm) at 111 Powell Street, the Union Square Alliance will host an Open House for the public to view the design proposals and engage with the design team to ask questions and offer input.

Where Powell meets Market at the cable car turnaround the proposed design includes a giant overhead starburst chandelier, dramatically marking San Francisco’s most important intersection and framing views of the cable cars.

In addition, stretching from Market to Geary, the design includes art nouveau-inspired hanging lanterns to bathe the sidewalks in soft light and give a nod to the street’s turn of the century architecture.  This lighting system will be illuminated with programmable LEDs, enabling the lanterns to change color and become a canvas to express the City’s collective celebrations and events.  

At the ground level the proposal creates a clean and elegant corridor where visitors and residents can find everyday moments for relaxation and joy.  The existing metallic “parklets” will be removed and the sidewalks widened all the way to the edges of the cable car zone.  Restaurants will be able to set up outdoor dining areas where patrons can sit and enjoy the passing scene and famous “ding-ding” of the cable cars.  Over time, new trees and benches will be added to create places to linger and socialize and to soften the environment a bit. 

77 years ago, San Francisco’s cable cars were on the brink of disappearing until local community members banded together to preserve the moving landmarks that draw thousands of visitors from all over the world. The design vision for Powell Street calls attention to the historical significance of this corridor while celebrating the space’s iconic cable cars and buildings, honoring and preserving that heritage.  

The complete vision that would position Powell Street for a full recovery is estimated to cost between $20 – $30 million dollars. The project proposal includes an initial phase that could utilize the currently available $3.5 million after the current completion of the design concepts. Mayor Breed has proposed a general obligation bond to be placed on the November 2024 ballot which could fund this proposal in full.

The reimagination of Powell Street is just one of a number of initiatives on which the City of San Francisco and the Union Square Alliance have been working together closely to support the recovery and revitalization of Union Square and all of Downtown.  On June 4th Mayor Breed announced an action plan to enliven Union Square and Yerba Buena Districts, which includes the following key initiatives:

  • Create Bustling Public Spaces through new funding for daily programming in Union Square Park and ongoing support for marquee events like Winter Walk and Union Square in Bloom.
  • Active and Vibrant Storefronts with a Vacant to Vibrant program designed specifically for Powell Street to place pop-up tenants in vacant spaces for medium-term leases; targeting markets campaign for Powell; and new leasing and permit support staff to speed business permitting and leasing.
  • Ensure Downtown is Clean, Safe, and Easy to Navigate with new funding for a 24/7 security presence, continuing the Downtown Welcome Ambassador program, and providing free parking hours as Union Square and area garages.

“It has been a true privilege to work with renowned design firms SITELAB Urban Studio and Field Operations to realize a vision that is deserving of this iconic location.” said Marisa Rodriguez, CEO of Union Square Alliance. “We want Powell Street, the gateway to San Francisco, to be a true representation of all that is great about our city and to put our best foot forward for all visitors. As one of the most significant thoroughfares in San Francisco and home to the iconic cable car, Powell Street needs to be transformed into something special to meet the expectations of what our world class city like San Francisco represents. Through this design, we want people to truly experience and feel the essence of our city. We need to find a way to execute this vision and secure the resources needed to make it happen as soon as possible.”

“Powell is among San Francisco’s most iconic streets and serves as an anchor to the rest of the City for nearly half of all visitors who come here,” said Mayor London Breed. “We can’t let changing retail trends and remote work take this centerpiece of our City away from us. That’s why I have dedicated funding and proposed the November bond measure to support this important effort to reimagine Powell as a premier destination for locals and visitors, and proposed new funding in my budget to bring more events, businesses, and security to enhance this beautiful area.” 

“A year ago, the Mayor and I championed a $6 million investment into the re-envisioning of the historic gateway to San Francisco’s Union Square and iconic northeast neighborhoods: Powell Street. This included $4 million for the new Powell Streetscape design being unveiled today,” said Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin. “It’s very important to me to see substantial progress with these funds quickly, and I’m pleased that the design not only respects and celebrates San Francisco’s rich history but adds a layer of modern design. It’s a perfect hybrid of the past and future and coupled with capital improvements to Maiden Lane and the Square’s soundstage, shows the City is committed to doing its part to attract new life to the heart of Downtown.”

“We are committed to exploring how design can have a meaningful role in downtown San Francisco’s recovery. Powell Street, as home to the cable car, is a powerful place to begin. All of the recommended improvements – from new paving and furnishing, to programming and activation concepts, to the canopy of lanterns – are intended to create a new platform for all to experience the ingenuity of our City and a new night-time ambiance to illuminate Powell Street and the enduring romance of the cable car,” said Richard Kennedy, Partner, Field Operations.

“The design vision for Powell Street calls attention to the corridor’s historic and prominent status as San Francisco’s gateway, home to the iconic cable car that connects residents and visitors alike to our remarkable city. Through a variety of design interventions, diverse programming, and thoughtful partnerships, we can usher in a new era for Powell Street – reflective of San Francisco’s spirit of ingenuity, resilience and wonder,” said Laura Crescimano, Co-Founder and Principal of SITELAB Urban Studio.

“We couldn’t be happier that Powell Street is finally on the road toward a new beautiful streetscape. Let’s get this built!  Tourists and business travelers come to our Stratford Hotel property on Powell to be in the thick of the vibrancy of Union Square.  This design concept will enhance the experience of every visitor and resident of San Francisco and will show the country that San Francisco is back,” said Evan Kaizer, President of the Sieroty Company and Manager of the Stratford Hotel Property LLC.

“The unveiling of the design concepts for Powell Street is an important step in revitalizing this historic corridor. It’s crucial that this iconic gateway’s full potential is unlocked to support the city’s economic recovery and attract more visitors and residents to downtown,” said Anna Marie Presutti, Interim President and CEO of San Francisco Travel Association.

About Field Operations:
Field Operations is a leading-edge landscape architecture and urban design practice with a focus on the design, resiliency, and equity of public space in cities. In all the work, there is a special commitment to the design of a vibrant and dynamic public realm, informed by the ecology of both people and nature, rooted in place and context. Important projects include the design of New York’s High Line, Brooklyn’s Domino Park, Chicago’s Navy Pier, and San Francisco’s Presidio Tunnel Tops. The Powell Street Project Team is led by Partner Richard Kennedy, Associate Partner Veronica Rivera, and Field Operations’ San Francisco Studio.

About SITELAB Urban Studio:
Founded in 2012, SITELAB Urban Studio is a San Francisco-based strategic design firm focused on using research & visualization to create great places, through big plans and small interventions. The studio operates at the intersection of analysis and inspiration, with projects that range from strategic planning & programming to urban design, city planning, and public outreach. Throughout every project, SITELAB transforms information–from spreadsheets to people’s stories (and in most cases, both) – into plans for action. The diverse team of SITELAB urban studio is led by architecture and urban expert Laura Crescimano. 

About the Union Square Alliance:
The Union Square Alliance serves members and creates a high-quality visitor experience by managing and activating public spaces, attracting new investment, and advocating for the District’s future success. Union Square is the vibrant heart of San Francisco and an international destination where visitors come to enjoy exceptional retail experiences, luxury hotels, world-class cultural institutions, and great public spaces found only in the City by the Bay. A lively 27-block community surrounding Union Square Park in the heart of San Francisco makes up the Union Square Alliance. It is generally bordered on the north by Bush Street, on the east by Kearny Street, on the south by Market Street and on the west by Taylor Street. For more information on the Alliance, go to

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