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Author: Alfredo Casuso

A Free Community Wellness Festival & Celebrity Kickball Game

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A Free Community Wellness Festival & Celebrity Kickball Game

Saturday, September 28: 10am – 3pm

Palm Springs Power Stadium

Free admission and parking.  Free food and drink. 
Free activities for youth and families

24 June 2024 – Palm Springs, CA:  The acclaimed nonprofit Boo2Bullying ( — providing outreach, mentoring, inspiration and hope to bullied youth and their families — is celebrating its 2nd Annual Kick Bullying To The Curb, Wellness Festival on Saturday, September 28 (10am–3pm) in the Palm Springs Power Stadium in Sunrise Park (480 S. Sunrise Way).  Everything is FREE for youth and adult attendees thanks to generous Sponsors and Community Partners.  Registration begins at 10am.  Advance registration is recommended at

From 10am. until 1pm, Boo2Bullying and Community Partner organizations will host information tables/booths and family-friendly activities, DJ, glitter bracelets, balloon animals and face-painting for children.  Festival-goers will also be treated to a “Petting Zoo and Cool Critters” show by the Mobile Zoo of Southern California and free hot dogs, nachos, icy lemonade and more at the ultra-fun Blue Truck Mobile Snack Bar and Atomic Game Truck.

From 10am – 1pm, attendees will engage in activities for all youth, families and community allies including the Palm Springs Unified Districts. At noon, the action shifts to the Palm Springs Power Stadium field where Coachella Valley notables and out-of-town celebrities will compete in Boo2Bullying’s “2nd Annual Kick Bullying to the Curb” game.  A special guest singer will sing the National Anthem followed by a team of Hollywood actors and A-Listers,  all to be announced in the coming days.

Sponsor underwriters of Boo2Bullying and this event are the City of Palm Springs, BIGHORN Cares Foundation,  Contour Dermatology,  and the Palm Springs Unified School District’s Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Tony Signoret, who will also be playing in the “Celebrity Kickball Tournament” as Captain of “Team Palm Springs”.

A partial list of Community Partners participating in the Wellness Festival includes the City of Palm Springs Parks & Recreation Department, Boys & Girls Club of Palm Springs, First Tee-Coachella Valley, Gay for Good, The LGBTQ Community Center, and Transgender Health & Wellness Center, The Bianca Group, Guru Magazine with more to be announced in the coming weeks.

The mission of Boo2Bullying is to provide outreach, mentoring, inspiration and hope to bullied youth and their families.  The nonprofit organization founded in 2013 provides free programs in schools and community organization settings and online over social media platforms.  Mental health is enhanced when children and teens feel empowered, build their self-esteem, realize they are not alone, and discover that they have a voice and are capable of standing against bullying to create positive change. For information about scheduling a Boo2Bullying program in your school or community organization, contact Dimitri Halkidis at (310) 435-8528 or

Owners of SS United States in Race Against Time to Raise $500,000, Relocate Historic Vessel that Bears the Name of Our Nation

Owners of SS United States in Race Against Time to Raise $500,000, Relocate Historic Vessel that Bears the Name of Our Nation

PHILADELPHIA, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — An irreplaceable historic symbol could soon be homeless and face destruction. The SS United States, the only vessel to bear the name of our nation, is in an intense race against time to remain safely afloat. The ship’s owner and caretaker, the national nonprofit SS United States Conservancy, has launched an urgent effort to raise $500,000 to help cover the costs of the ship’s potential relocation and other critical expenses.

Symbol of the Nation Evicted: Nonprofit Sends Out an Urgent Call to Help Save America’s Flagship

Symbol of the Nation Evicted: Nonprofit Sends Out an Urgent Call to Help Save America’s Flagship

After a lengthy legal dispute, the US District Court in Philadelphia ruled Friday that the ship must vacate the berth at Pier 82 it has occupied for decades by September 12, 2024. In her ruling, Senior Judge Anita Brody determined the SS United States’ landlord, Penn Warehousing, could not double dockage fees without notice as it did in its effort to force the ship from her pier. While a partial victory for the nonprofit organization, which has continued to pay rent throughout the dispute, the court order established a 90-day deadline to move the nearly 1000-foot-long ship to a new home.

A unique engineering marvel and symbol of the nation, the SS United States is the fastest liner ever to cross the Atlantic Ocean and an enduring expression of American mid-century technological innovation.

Now she faces twin threats to her survival. “The lawsuit and subsequent court ruling give us a very limited window to secure a new home for the ship and raise the resources for moving costs and ongoing expenses. We must do both to avoid the tragic fate that countless supporters from around the world have worked for over a decade to prevent,” said Conservancy President Susan Gibbs, the granddaughter of the ship’s famed designer, William Francis Gibbs.

“Our goal with this campaign is to save this great symbol of American pride and innovation. We have very little time, and we face many challenges, but we draw energy and inspiration from the SS United States’ own resilience and enduring ability to bring people together,” said Gibbs.

The SS United States has faced imminent danger before, but supporters from across the country and around the world have always stepped up to save her from destruction.

All contributions to the organization’s urgent campaign are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Those interested in contributing can visit   

“Our search for a new temporary or permanent location has been ongoing and began well before the litigation, but if a dock cannot be found in the coming weeks, we’ll be forced to commit to reefing or scrapping the vessel,” stated Warren Jones, a member of the Conservancy’s board and a former SS United States passenger.

Proceeds from the fundraising campaign will be prioritized toward moving the vessel, should a suitable pier become available within the court-imposed timeline. Relocating a ship the size of the SS United States is complex. It requires funds for insurance, tugs, surveys, and dock preparations to ensure the ship’s safe passage to a new home. The Conservancy has been actively exploring potential pier locations in the Philadelphia area and along the East Coast able to accommodate the liner. The nonprofit organization has also been engaging in targeted outreach to federal and state officials including President Biden, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, the U.S. Navy, regional port authorities, and others who could help with that effort.

“The time for action is now. Saving the United States should be a cause that unifies us during this time of division. Imagine how the images of America’s Flagship being towed away for scrap would be viewed by Americans and the global community. It would be a tragic metaphor to lose the nation’s flagship,” Jones added. “Now is the time for our leaders to engage with us to prevent this symbol of the nation from being destroyed.”

Since acquiring the SS United States in 2011, the Conservancy has achieved dramatic success in raising public awareness about the ship and building a global community of supporters. In 2023, together with RXR and MCR Hotels, they unveiled a full redevelopment plan demonstrating the ship’s commercial viability as a privately funded, mixed use destination. Renderings can be found HERE. These turnkey plans can be adapted to any suitable port city, but the project cannot advance until the ship secures a new home.

Since its inception, the Conservancy has also continued to advance public education about the SS United States through temporary exhibitions, events, and the care and stewardship of a major museum collection of original furniture, artwork, ephemera, archival documentation, and historic components from the ship.

“As we approach our nation’s 250th birthday, the loss of this American masterpiece would be tragic. A unique historic achievement that bears the name of our great nation should not be at grave risk of destruction. While we have never been closer to losing America’s Flagship, we have great faith that our global community of supporters will help us meet this latest challenge,” Gibbs added.

Learn more about the SS United States Conservancy at

Bob Driscoll

Report from European Jewish Association Annual Conference in Amsterdam, June 2024

Report from European Jewish Association Annual Conference in Amsterdam, June 2024

On the 3rd-4th of June, we at the EJA gathered over a hundred and fifty Jewish Leaders for our Annual Conference in Amsterdam – ‘Fighting back for our future’ – which became an emergency summit on the antisemitism crisis that has blighted the continent, and our communities since October 7th.

We were intent on finding practical solutions. And we did.

At a concluding plenary session before the close of the conference, having taken the many important ideas from the Jewish leaders throughout the summit, we passed a resolution of action for governments to take. It is attached, for your convenience, in 5 Languages (EN, FR, D, SP, I).

In it, we asked for the immediate establishment of an online reporting mechanism for the ongoing harassment of Jews and antisemitic threats suffered, and that this reporting mechanism be directly linked to law enforcement agencies for rapid response.

We also called for comprehensive police officer training in identifying antisemitism, dealing with antisemtism and arresting those that perpetrate antisemtic acts.

We urged each European public prosecutor office to appoint a dedicated proffesional to deal with antisemitic complaints, with a view to adopting much tougher responses to antisemitic incidents.

We reiterated our call for the IHRA definition of antisemitism to have legal “teeth” or in other words to be integrated into the country’s legal system, in order to ensure that breaches are punishable.

Finally, we delivered a criticism of EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell for his anti-Israel bias that has been a significant contributory factor to the rise of antisemitism.

The conference was widely reported in the media, and contributed to the fact that Borrell’s spokesperson had to participate in an extremely uncomfortable press conference questioning at the European Commission.

Now, we have the responsibility to ensure that the resolution is turned from words into concrete action.

We shall be advocating at the highest political and diplomatic levels on your behalf, to ensure that this happens.

Above all, the aforementioned summit and similar such activities exist for you, European Jewish Leaders, to unite in a common purpose, to share and propose solutions and to increase our impact, via our united strength.

We were also delighted to welcome new Jewish communities who have joined our Association in the past months, communities from Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Moldova. The EJA is growing and hence- your voice is growing louder.

If you could not make it this year, we invite you to join us in Madrid on the 26-27 May, 2025, coinciding with Jerusalem Day, for our next Annual Conference. We shall be delighted to welcome you and other Jewish communities that you may wish to introduce to us, that share our values.

Meanwhile, we invite you to share the attached resolution widely and to click on the link below, to see the many pictures from our event.



Yours respectfully,

Rabbi Menachem Margolin

European Jewish Association

On Friday, June 28 “Suit Up” For Good

media contact: DP&A, Inc / David Perry / (415) 676-7007 /

On Friday, June 28 “Suit Up” For Good!

Macy’s and the Union Square Alliance 
Presents the Third Annual “Suit Up” Fashion Show and Makeover featuring 14 young men and women from the Bayview Neighborhood.

20 June 2024 — San Francisco, CA: Call it fashion forward paying it forward. On Friday, June 28, the annual “SuitUp!” fashion show and training program provides 14 young men and women from San Francisco’s Bayview with personalized outfits selected by Macy’s stylist team to better prepare them for the work-a-day world. Alongside advice and mentoring, the program focuses on building self-esteem and life skills for professional development. Sponsored by Macy’s in collaboration with Black Men Enhanced, Operation Genesis, the SF Police Department, the SF District Attorney’s Office, and the Union Square Foundation, SuitUp culminates with a fashion show(June 28, 3pm – 4:30pm, 6th Floor of Macy’s at 251 Geary Street) where participants model their new outfits, followed by a celebratory luncheon at The Historic John’s Grill.

“These young people are truly inspirational, and their dedication to their goals inspires us all,” said Marisa Rodriguez, CEO of Union Square Alliance. “Having worked for many years in the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, I know how important initiatives like ‘SuitUp’ are to breaking the cycle of violenceI want young people of our city to experience Union Square as a place for them to celebrate life’s greatest moments. This program defines a smart and compassionate partnership between business, law enforcement, and the community. I applaud all of the organizations involved with a special thank you to Macy’s.” 

The inaugural 2022 cohort of Suit Up!, which included young African American men from Bayview’s Alice Griffith Community, participated in a year-long mentorship program focused on empowering and supporting young men during a crucial age. Last year, the second cohort of fifteen young African American women, aged 13-20 from SF’s Ladies in Powerprogram, participated in a six-week intensive program focusing on self-esteem and confidence building, addressing unrealistic beauty standards and social media pressures. This year’s group of young men comes from Operation Genesis. The women’s contingent is drawn from interns and others working in the District Attorney’s Office.

Upon completion of this year’s program, the young people will have the opportunity to meet with a Macy’s stylist and purchase their first work suit and accessories courtesy of Macy’s. They will also participate in the Macy’s Runway Show on June 28, showcasing their new suits and celebrating their growth and transformation. 

The idea for “SuitUp” came in 2021 through Robert Newt, a Supervisor at the Street Violence Intervention Program. Determined to see the young people he works with succeed, Newt started a mentoring program with a year-long curriculum focused on self-esteem and positive transformations. 

“My vision for this mentoring program was to collaborate with community partners and teach young people about the power of self-esteem,” said Newt. “I strongly believe that if we can get these young people to love themselves and see how powerful they are, we can help set them up to be strong leaders in our communities.” 

The San Francisco Street Violence Intervention Program is an outreach and crisis response program hosted in the Department of Public Health. Created in 2013 to reduce and intervene in youth-related street violence for the City and County of San Francisco. The “SuitUp” pilot project has gained enthusiastic support from its community partners, including the SFPD and District Attorney’s Office.

“Congratulations to the young people participating in Suit Up,” said San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.  “They are exceptional young people with bright futures ahead who have demonstrated their commitment to improving themselves and our community.” 

“We are so proud to support 15 young people in this third year of the program,” said San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott.  “The ‘Suit Up’ initiative is about helping young people build confidence to learn to help themselves and their communities.” 

For more information on this Violence Intervention Program, please contact Chief Tiffany Sutton, SFDA’s Chief of Collaborative Justice, at

About the Union Square Alliance: 
The Union Square Alliance serves members and creates a high-quality visitor experience by managing and activating public spaces, attracting new investment, and advocating for the District’s future success. Union Square is the vibrant heart of San Francisco and an international destination where visitors enjoy exceptional retail experiences, luxury hotels, world-class cultural institutions, and excellent public spaces found only in the City by the Bay. A lively 27-block community surrounding Union Square Park in the heart of San Francisco makes up the Union Square Alliance. It is bordered to the north by Bush Street, to the east by Kearny Street, to the south by Market Street, and on west Taylor Street. For more information on the Alliance, go to  

Legendary Transgender Ladies of AsiaSF to Shine in Special Pride Month Performance at Feinstein’s at the Nikko

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Legendary Transgender Ladies of AsiaSF to Shine in Special Pride Month Performance at Feinstein’s at the Nikko

Ronnie Reddick Presents “I’m Every Woman” AsiaSF 2.0
Friday, June 28: 6pm and 9pm shows

20 June 2024 – San Francisco, CA: You can’t keep a good woman down – or off the runway.  In a dazzling tribute to Pride Month, the beloved Ladies of AsiaSFwill make a spectacular return with “I’m Every Woman” a dazzling new cabaret show at the intimate and chic Feinstein’s at the Hotel Nikko (222 Mason Street, San Francisco) on Friday, June 28, with two shows: 6pm and 9pm. These special pop-up performances promise an unforgettable evening of glamour, talent, and celebration, marking a new chapter for AsiaSF following the closure of their iconic San Francisco location in April of this year. Featured performers for “I’m Every Woman” are Gia BanksBlair BonierJahnell Chanel, Kataluna EnriqueFatima HalafihiTita IdaJackie JuarezEpiphany KaliNaomi MooreMelissa PrimeDomanique Shappelleand Shanelle VanityTickets are available online at

“Don’t call it a comeback because we never left,” said Ronnie Reddick, longtime Show Director and Choreographer at AsiaSF. “This pop-up event allows us to continue our tradition of celebrating diversity and love in the heart of San Francisco, especially during such a significant time as Pride Month. I want the ‘I’m Every Woman’ cabaret experience to leave the audience with an emotional connection and wanting more,” said Reddick. “It’s more than just entertainment, it’s a moment to remember.”

Larry Hashbarger, Co-Founder of AsiaSF, added, “The spirit of AsiaSF has always been about inclusivity, celebration, and excellence in entertainment. These performances at Feinstein’s provides a new stage to share the magic of our incredible performers, even though our original home has closed its doors.”

These pop-up performances, created and curated by Reddick, will feature a blend of the one and only Ladies of AsiaSF from San Francisco and Palm Springs.  This brings together the best of both worlds in a reimagined experience. Expect an evening filled with show-stopping numbers, extraordinary costumes, and the signature charisma that has made AsiaSF a cultural icon.

Feinstein’s, located inside the famous Nikko Hotel, known for its intimate setting and stellar acoustics, offers the perfect venue for this spectacular event. Situated in the heart of San Francisco, the location provides an elegant backdrop for a night of unparalleled entertainment.

The closure of AsiaSF’s brick-and-mortar venue earlier this year has left audiences craving for more. This special initial event embodies the resilience and creativity that AsiaSF is known for, ensuring that the legendary Ladies of AsiaSF continue to enchant audiences.

Aaron Nelson, AsiaSF’s President & COO, says,“Both our new and returning guests will be thrilled to hear we have much planned for the future.  There’s only one AsiaSF – wait till you see what’s coming next!”

Under the continued direction of Show Director and Choreographer, Ronnie Reddick, just as at the original iconic venue, guests at Feinstein’s will delightin choreographed dance routines and lip sync numbers with beautiful costumes, state of the art sound and lights, which electrified a generation of celebrants onAsiaSF’s dramatic runway stage. “I’m Every Woman” at Feinstein’s will be featuring original celebrity favorite costume creations by Julian Mendez Coutureand Prime Kreations of Los Angeles who havedesigned for Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner and Megan Thee Stallion.

Voted “One of the Top 100 Hottest Restaurants in America” and “Best Ambiance” by OpentableDinersduring its 26 year run, AsiaSF hosted well over 1 million patrons since it opened its doors in 1998. 

“One of our missions of AsiaSF has always been to create a trans-positive environment that educates and raises awareness about living your truth and being your authentic self,” Hashbarger says, “this is just the beginning of more to come. It makes me very proud to see this vision continue.”